Slay Your Pain Giant – A Christian strategy for dealing with chronic pain (Paperback) $10.25


Gerhard Venter

Your pain giant may have been stalking you for months, years, or decades. Or he may have appeared in the flash of an exploding IED or in the crash of a car accident. Or he may have entered your life during the sudden onset of an illness. Suddenly, he’s there. Maybe you don’t realize right away how big he is. Then you look up and he’s blocking out the sun.You look at your armament and all you have is a sling and a handful of pebbles. And your legs turn into water. Nine-one-one? This is Gerhard. I’m going to need help here.

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This one’s too big for me. The giant attacks. He grabs hold of you and he just does-not-let-go. He could lift you up and drop you on his knee in a classic back breaker. Or you may be feeling great one moment, and the next run into the giant’s clothesline.

But more often than not, Goliath is not playing — he brandishes his huge spear and you realize that he’s out for blood. You begin to understand that he may very well take your life. You need a plan. You need a strategy. You need to fight back. In fact, you need to kill this oversized son-of-a-so-and-so.

Most of all, you need backup. You need your big brother on the scene. You need the police. You need to call the cavalry. You need the National Guard. In fact, you need the Marines. No, cancel all of that. You need someone in your corner who was betrayed by a close friend, arrested in the middle of the night and beaten up; who was tied up, faced two sham trials, and was mocked and humiliated by soldiers; someone who was scourged with a cruel whip, had thorns pressed into his head, and was forced to carry a heavy wooden beam through crowds who mocked him and spat on him; and who finally had nails driven through his hands and feet and was hoisted up on a cross and left to die.

Man, does he know a thing or two about being manhandled by giants! But in going through all of that, this man slew all of the giants there ever were. And why not? He had serious backup. His Father is the Almighty God of the universe. Besides, he had an earthly ancestor, David, who did, in fact, kill a giant. You can say giant-slaying ran in his family. So let’s get down to business. The serious business of dealing with chronic pain that’s threatening to overwhelm you.


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